Refugee Essentials Integrated System
Was made to be with those who are in need

“We believe in equality and humanity. Our dream is a world without war and poverty. A world where the children are in school instead of battlefield.”   Samad Rezaei

More popular services

Refugee Essentials android app

Simply we putted all the important information that a refugee needs in greece in an android app.
This application contains the following information:
- Address, location and specifications of Greek hospitals.

See more details - Address, location and specifications of active and helpful organizations for refugees in Greece.
- The information required by the refugee, such as opening an bank account, receiving financial aid, unemployment card, AFEMI, etc.
- Information related to refugee training centers with class schedule.
This information is categorized by each city or island.
You do not need an Internet connection to access to information but for find the locations you need internet.
The program also includes a section called the "Wall of Kindness" for refugees to help each others.
This program is available to all refugees in three languages: Persian, Arabic and English.

Online Resume/Cover maker

In this platform, you can easily create a resume just by entering your information such as personal details, education, job, etc. After filling the form at the end you will receive a PDF file of your resume.

See more details This system includes a summary and one-page resume, a professional resume (with more details) and a cover letter. You can use this service by having a simple internet and even with your phone.

NGO Whats Up android app

This is our modern platform that connected refugees to the outside world. In this app refugees can see the latest news or event from NGO organizations in Greece on their own smart phones.

See more details - You no longer need to install several different applications on your phone.
- With this app, you can access the latest information of non-governmental organizations and the latest job opportunities.
- It does not matter where you are in Greece, you can choose which organizations to see the information about.
- This platform is free for both NGO organizations and users.
- 3D live radio is an amazing part of this app that organizations can broadcast their programs with prior coordination.
- HD TV channel is another part of this program that organizations can broadcast their programs in high quality with prior coordination.

Refugees HD TV station

Launching a 3D radio was not the end of our work. We felt that our system lacked a TV station. So we set up an HD TV channel for refugees. This TV station also can broadcast live reports/events with a few hand-held devices that we made.

See more details This TV channel will show the real life of refugees to the world.
Our TV station will be able to broadcast live reports.
Watching TV will be possible through the Android application, television(with internet connectivity) and the website.

Refugees 3D Radio Station

Believe it or not we have launched the first 3D radio station in Greece by our hands in a refugees house without any support and modern technology. Yes we start broudcasting the voice of refugees. Your voice will no longer remain in your chest. Refugees can publish their voice, poem and speech in their own name on the Voice Of Refugee Radio Station. We are currently playing music, and among the music we are broudcasting reports of refugees(their voices).
To have a new experience of 3D radio, be sure to use a handsfree or headphones.

What do we do?

We have set up several systems for refugees. Each of these systems is involved in solving the problems of refugees. We started our volunteer work with the Refugee Essentials Android application to provide them the important information in new society.

How do we do?

It's true that we have not modern technology but we start broadcasting by the equipment that we already had.
These apps, TV station, Radio rtation and other services are not the end of our service. We will continue to provide our services to improve the lives of the forgotten people.

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